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Effective altruism for jews

Effective Altruism Shabbat Dinner

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Ea for jews

EA shabbat Dinner

Introducing the effective altruism shabbat dinner program: a way for people to come together over a shabbat meal to learn more about the ideas of effective altruism and build community.

Hosts of a dinner receive funding to arrange a shabbat meal with their friends, university, group, synagogue members, or others, as well as training and resources to facilitate stimulating conversations on topics relating to effective altruism. Guests can include those who are looking for an introduction to the ideas of EA; those who are already somewhat familiar with EA but are looking to deepen their understanding or engagement; and those who are already highly engaged and are interested in connecting with other EAs or introducing EA ideas to others over a shabbat meal. The dinners are open to people of any and all Jewish denominations, as well as people of all faiths or none. Hosts can decide on the nature of Jewish ritual and practice that will be present at the dinner. Hosting or attending an EA shabbat dinner  is a great way to learn more about EA; connect and network with other EAs in your community; and engage in Jewish life and ritual with other people who care deeply about doing the most good.

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