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There are many ways you can get involved–from joining our community facebook group and following our newsletter to taking a more active role by joining our organizing team, speaking to your community about EA,  and in many other ways big and small!  Read about the opportunities below and fill out this form to get started!

Ea for jews

Volunteer opportunities

Welcome to Effective Altruism (EA) for Jews, a global community of Jews coming together to help tackle the world’s most pressing problems more effectively. At EA for Jews, we are excited to bring together the values of social responsibility, compassion, evidence and reason — shared by Effective Altruism and Judaism — to make a huge positive impact.

EA for Jews welcomes everyone regardless of background or denomination, whether you have already been involved in effective altruism, or are simply interested in learning more about these ideas and their relevance to the Jewish tradition. We are a young organization and there are many ways you can help out, both big and small.  A few are listed below, but we’d like your ideas as well!  If you’d like to get involved please fill out this form and contact us with any questions! 

    • Share your take: We’re always excited to explore the connections between EA and Judaism. If you have a personal story or an interesting angle which links the two, we’d love you to share it, either through the Facebook group or by writing a blog which we can share.
    • Join the team: We are recruiting a team of talented and dedicated volunteers to help run the organization as it continues to grow at this early stage. With roles at different levels of commitment in areas including content, community building, programs and events, we’d love to hear from you! 
    • Talk to your local community: Our mission is to introduce EA throughout the Jewish community, and we’d love to have you on board. If you’d like to speak in your synagogue, youth group or other organization about EA and Judaism, we can provide resources and support to help you.