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The EA for Jews community

EA for Jews is one of many groups within the larger EA community.  There are groups associated with different cities, universities, cause areas — you name it!  Learn more about the larger EA community below.

There are also many ways to make sure you stay connected with EA for Jews. We run regular discussion groups on a variety of topics related to effective altruism and Judaism. To learn more:

You can also contact us to ask any questions you have, including about career or donation planning, or just to learn more about effective altruism — we’d love to speak with you!

Other EA groups

If you are looking to learn more about effective altruism and meet other people interested in these ideas, joining an EA group or chapter might be a great fit for you. Groups run many different types of events which could include social meetups, large speaker events and serious discussions. Typically, you do not need any experience to join a group and they are welcoming environments – although some university affiliated groups only accept members of the university.

Benefits of Local Groups

Meeting other people interested in EA is a great way to become more integrated with the community. You’ll be able to find people in a similar situation to yourself and probably a few steps ahead who may be able to help you figure out what to do with your career, hear the latest updates in priorities research or learn about new donation opportunities. Many in the EA community have made great friends and found great opportunities through their local EA group! We particularly recommend joining a local group if you are studying or involved with a university that has a local group.

Joining a Local Group

The easiest way to find a local group is to use the local group directory hosted by the EA hub. In general, groups will have a website or facebook group where you can contact one of the group leaders to hear more or just go along to a meetup. It is also worth mentioning that there are a number of other groups based on cause areas, professions and affiliations, you can find the full list here.